Monday, July 02, 2007


Poet and wonderful cohort, G. Andrew Collins. With me. I should have stopped drinking champagne.


Writer and bestest best friend in the world, Buki Papillon. Plus me.


Here's a few fantastic summer reads. I want book reports, bitches!

1. The Girl in the Flammable Skirt - Aimee Bender (A wacked out collection of great short stories)

2. Twinship - Laurie Foos (A woman gives birth to a clone of herself, brilliant as Ms. Foos always is)

3. The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil - George Saunders (a dazzling writer, a wonderful talent, this novel chronicles a nation so small it can only accomodate one person at a time)

4. Awake - Elizabeth Graver (a great friend, a genious too, this book tells the tale of a family whose children cope with XP, a rare, but toxic sensitivity to sunlight)

5. Goodbye to the Orchard - Steven Cramer (my mentor, my teacher, someone who creates stunning poems)

6. The Soft Machine - William S. Burroughs (a legend, a trailblazer, just read the book)

7. Little Children - Tom Perrotta (affairs, playgrounds, mid-thirties freakouts, Perotta makes suburbia explode)

8. Everyone Poops - Taro Gomi (becasue it's true, everyone does poop)

9. Werewolves of Central Park - Tom Cardome (my writing cohort, a dark glam sexy novel, get it at Barnes and Noble's website)

10. The Children's Hospital - Chris Adrian (a surreal book that revamps the story of Noah and his so-called ark)