Saturday, July 08, 2006


Here's your summer reading list, Bitches. I want book reports!

1. 60 Stories - Donald Barthelme (gorgeous, experimental, wonderful stories)

2. Closer - Dennis Cooper (sick, sexy, salacious, sad)

3. Stop Time - Frank Conroy (amazing memoir, stunning)

4. Ex Utero - Laurie Foos (wacky, wonderful, jaw-dropping, I love this lady)

5. Pastoralia - George Saunders (a nice collection of short stories, very cool)

6. Collected Stories - Grace Paley (a literary great)

7. Hotel World - Ali Smith (so good she must be a robot, an original novel)

8. Famous Builder - Paul Lisicky (lovely non-fiction account of one's life)

9. Best Gay Love Stories, 06 (anthology, I'm in here, buy it...or else)

10. Sula - Toni Morrison (one of the best)

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