Monday, September 26, 2011


Check out my pal, Tom Cardamone's collection of short stories, PUMPKIN TEETH. Some of my favorite pieces are included!"Let Tom Cardamone lead you into his wicked universe of changelings and mysterious creatures, where a boy transforms into lightning and illuminates his emerging sexuality. Where a man accidentally receives a package meant for his neighbor, a situation complicated by the fact that he lives next door to a Sphinx. A nurse finds herself working in a retirement home for vampires, while in the future a man questions his decision to live life as a manatee. Featuring tales of quiet suburban anomie, to superhero tropes, to intense erotic horror, Pumpkin Teeth spans the range from Palahniuk insanity to Bradburyesque tenderness. Warning, once you are bitten by Pumpkin Teeth, it will not let you go."Order now!

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